The term Adler, the German word for the bird of prey "eagle", is both the last name of many people and an emblematic bird (notably in heraldry, bannistics, numismatics etc.) featured on many blazons since the feudal age, including the present German Bundeswappen and at times on the flags of Austria and Germany.

The Adler company built it's first vehicle in the 1870s, a tricycle.  Adler was well-known in the thirties for their fine cars and 3, 3.5 and 5 HP motorcycles. Cars of the 1930s included the Adler Autobahn, Trumpf Junior and the 2.5 liter Glaeser bodied Diplomat. After World War II, a decision was made not to resume automobile construction.

Motorcycle production resumed in 1949 and continued for 8 years, leading to the production of the MB 250S.
Adler won many races with air- and water-cooled 247cc street racers, driven by Lohmann, Beer, Luttenberger, Vogel, Falk and others. Some all-terrain bikes like the Adler sixdays  were built up to 1957.  The company associated with Triumph to form Trumpf-Adler, and was taken over by Grundig in 1957, then later by Olivetti.
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Vince Bauer's Adler MB250
Ken Bauer's Adler MB250
Ken Bauer on his Adler MB250 at Bargara Beach - 1962
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