This 1955 Adler MB250 was purchased new from Folks Round & Murchie in Bundaberg by Laurie Pashley who at that time was a local motorbike enthusiast. He later traded the bike back in at  Folks Round & Murchie’s where my parents bought it second hand, so I am about the third owner . The bike is pretty much absolutely original with only 11905 miles on the clock.
The bike has the original instruction book with all the service coupons still intact and also the original workshop handbook (Provisional Edition) from Folks Round & Murchie.

Copyright  Vince Bauer - all rights reserved.
The Adler was used for a couple of years by my mother Margaret, to commute to and fro from work. The poor old Adler was abandoned to under the neighbours Queenslander due to an upgrade to a car to commute us kids around. It lived there for quite a number of years under a tarp and apparently had a visit by Rowan Bond.
Rowan apparently had taken some photo’s which he is trying to find to show me. The Adler in later life was moved to its new home (still under its tarp) where it also sat for a considerable amount of years.
The Adler has now been handed down to me and I would love to restore this bike back to better than new condition. This project has been bounced around for quite a number of years and I have not been in the position to make a start on it. This year, 2015, is 'the' year where I commence this project in a diligent manner.
I have not restored a bike before so it will be a good learning experience, although I have rebuilt a Holden Station Wagon 'Pro Streeter' which had been featured in a number of Australian car magazines. After looking at some of the European Adler’s that have been restored I am inspired by their level of quality and detail. Example.