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(Roadrunner rides a german two-stroke
that was an inspiration for both British
and Japanese manufacturers)
Back to the Future
The Eagle Soars - Again
(Erich Blet's flawless 1954 Adler MB 250)
The Classic Motorcycle
- December 2005
(The German two-stroke twin set performance benchmarks for 250cc machines of its type)
The Motor Cycle - Road Test
- 17 February 1955
(The 247c.c. Twin Two-stroke Model
MB 250 ADLER. An up-tothe-minute german Luxury Machine with an impressive Performance)
The Motor Cycle - Road Test
- 18 August 1955
(A High-performance Two-stroke Parallel Twin from Germany which Sets a High Standard in Exhaust Silencing)
Adler MB200/250 Two-Strokes
(Phil Speakman has unusual tastes in motorcycles, and finding parts for them isn't easy. His search for spares finally led him into the eagle's eyrie...)
Crankshaft Removal
(Phil Speakman provides instructions on crankshaft removal -
My Five Cents Worth
(My five cents worth by Rolf Roles)
Adler Brochure
(Thanks to Don Littleford from Toowoomba , Australia)
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Adler Wallpaper
(Installation of Adler Wallpapers for your PC desktop)
Adler Photos Show
(Adler pictures PowerPoint show)
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Adler Font - (Deco.ttf)
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