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Volksrods are modified Volkswagen beetles. They are used as an alternative to traditional hot rods and are quickly growing in popularity. They are cheaper, easier to find, and easier to find parts for.
Most often a Volksrod is a Bug, any year with the fenders & running boards removes and a beam extender that relocates the front axle forward between 8 and 10 inches. The Volksrod is usually extremely lowered and often has other modifications like a chopped roof, reversed door hinges, shaved drip rail, shaved moldings, etc. Frequently the paint is original or primer or flat black shot out of a rattle can. Frequently mistaken for a unfinished project, this is the desired effect of the VolksRodder.

The volksrod is also an extension of the rat rod customization style. Usually built with little or no expensive machined aluminum or chrome plated parts, the volksrod is mostly handmade by the owner with simple mechanical tools and welding equipment.
The volksrod/ratrod usually eschews an expensive paint job, utilizing spray can paint applied in their driveway. A common refrain, often heard, is "cut - weld - drive".
When searching the internet for pictures of the HebRod for detail of features lines and concepts used I found a model site  that had used the Hebrod as the theme of their model design. So with the cost restrictions of a lot of features on the Hebrod like wire wheels, being too expensive,  I thought I might do the opposite and build a car from a model.
This way the compromises will not be so noticeable, it will still be individual but close to the look that I like so much. Other compromises will be the legal restrictions in Queensland to have it fully registered. Another benefit is that the Adler motorbike I am going to restore was originally light green metallic. So, save on paint and have a matching pair of old German built machines.
Welcome to my website. I was inspired by Hebrod a beautifully build and created Volksrod in a vintage rod theme. I have purchased a 1969 VW Beetle convertible with the idea of turning it into my version of the Hebrod Volksrod. After searching the internet for any information that will help me in this project, collecting data and pictures, I have a direction to start this project. The limiting factors are the legal requirements to register this on the road in Queensland Australia. It is currently registered in NSW and has been for the past 30 years in its current form, but as the states in Australia will not recognize each other’s documentation I am now forced to get the vehicle re-engineered.